Replace your day job with your passion

Most passions and hobbies don't start making money right away especially if your are doing them on the side. I was going to write something about passions that do start making you money but halfway through my sentence I realized that all passions and hobbies make you money. You just have to be able to market them properly. If you are doing a regular day job then you may need to follow your passion on the side. And when you do that it will take you some time to build something around your passion from thin air. It is possible, it just takes time. Suppose you are in a job which is your passion itself then you need not read this article any further.

One definitive way to know when you can quit your job and follow your passion full time is compare the revenue from both sources. If your passion is earning you more money than your job then it may be time to quit the job. However, I will ask that you wait for your passion to start earning you double the money that your job makes. This way…

How to manage your time and passion

Passion is something which you absolutely love to do. You love indulging yourself in your hobbies and that becomes your passion. However, not everyone can start making money from their passion right from the start. I will even go ahead and say that nobody is able to do that when they are first starting out. So, we all have to get proper day jobs in order to support ourselves. Sometimes, people's jobs can be their passion too! If you are employed in a job where you are performing an activity which is your passion anyway then you do not need to read this article any further. If this is not the case then please read on and let us discuss how we can spend time regularly on our passion while still being able to manage our day jobs and school/college life.

One thing you should realize is that you absolutely must have a creative outlet in your life. That creative outlet is your passion and hobby. It could be anything. It could be taking photos, making art, writing stories, riding bike, pl…

How not to get exploited | The nice girl and the nice guy

We all have come across people in our lives who we can call a 'nice girl' or a 'nice guy'. Their defining feature is their good nature and kindness towards others. They are selfless individuals who will go to extreme lengths in order to help their friends and acquaintances. They generally mix well with others.

One more defining feature of a 'nice girl' or a 'nice guy' is that they get exploited by some of their own friends and acquaintances. You will come across numerous examples where you would have seen a nice person in an abusive relationship. You may also have seen some people exploiting others blatantly and the one getting exploited turns a blind eye to it. They just genuinely want to help the other person out even if they know that they are openly taking advantage of them. Do we really deserve such people? Both the exploiters and the nice people.

This kind of parasitic relationship and friendships are all around you. Just look around and you will fi…

Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts

We all have met people who are extremely shy and people who are extremely outgoing and confident. We may also have met people who are in between. They have good social skills but they are moderately reserved too. Well, we may already know that we already have classifications for people based on their social behavior. There are three types of people under this classification: Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts.

Introverts are people who are extremely reserved. They don't like company of people. They like spending time alone and they never want to bother people too much. They enjoy their own company. However, this behavior must not be associated with the fact that they dislike human beings altogether. No, they like human contact just moderately and when they need it. This is a rather selfish outlook towards life and social environment but this is just how they are. This behavior is built into their DNA and it should not be vilified. Many times I have seen people being extremely pu…

Life- A bus journey

Life is like a bus.

You can either be a passenger or a driver.
If you're a driver, someone will take a ride in your bus. But if the bus you're driving is not going in the same direction as they want, they'll get down at the next stop. Perfectly fine. But you shouldn't change the direction of your bus just due to that one passenger who wants to take the bus in the other direction. You'll find other passengers who will go in the same direction as you're going and they'll reach the destination with you. If you're a passenger and you stepped in a bus but it's not going in the right direction, you should know how to get down at the next stop. If you don't, the bus will take you in whatever direction it'll be taking and you'll be lost in the end.
Luckily if you find a bus that's compatible with your direction, you can go on and reach the destination with it. Otherwise simply change the bus.
So, it doesn't matter if you're a driver or pa…

How to follow your passion...when you have found what it is

A few days ago we made a post about finding your passion. That post answered the question, 'What is my passion?'. We tried our best to give you two very important points on how you can identify what your passion really is. You may love to do many things but your passion and inner desire is something which you love the most. If you haven't read that post already you can read it here: and hopefully you will be able to identify your passion and interest. When you have done that it is time to know how to follow them so well that they give you fulfillment and returns.

Sometimes when you are following your passion you may get tired of people around you telling you that 'it is never going to work'. But little do they know, you are doing this thing because you love it, not because you want to 'make it work'. Of course, when you will keep following your heart's desire tirelessly it will s…

Finding your passion shouldn't be hard

People talk about always following your passion and doing what you are good at. When you will follow your passion you will be able to achieve great things and be someone in the world. You will also be extremely happy and be able to enjoy life. As someone who has started following his passion, I can say that this statement is true. You begin to enjoy life when you are following your passion.

But, the question which haunts a large number of people is, 'what is my passion?'
Most of the people in the world are confused and cannot properly identify their passion, their burning desire, their inner voice. And when you are not able to do that then you drift around confused and you waste a lot of time in following your 'confusions' rather than your passions.

Then, one must ask, what is the solution to this problem? How can one identify their passions correctly?

Here is a little list of things which you can do to identify your passion and what you love to do. This list is not abs…