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Life- A bus journey

Life  is like a bus. You can either be a  passenger  or a  driver . If you're a driver, someone will take a ride in your bus. But if the bus you're driving is not going in the same direction as they want, they'll get down at the next stop. Perfectly fine. But you shouldn't change the direction of your bus just due to that one passenger who wants to take the bus in the other direction. You'll find other passengers who will go in the same direction as you're going and they'll reach the destination with you. If you're a passenger and you stepped in a bus but it's not going in the right direction, you should know how to get down at the next stop. If you don't, the bus will take you in whatever direction it'll be taking and you'll be lost in the end. Luckily if you find a bus that's compatible with your direction, you can go on and reach the destination with it. Otherwise simply change the bus. So, it doesn't matter if yo

How to follow your passion...when you have found what it is

A few days ago we made a post about finding your passion. That post answered the question, 'What is my passion?'. We tried our best to give you two very important points on how you can identify what your passion really is. You may love to do many things but your passion and inner desire is something which you love the most. If you haven't read that post already you can read it here:  and hopefully you will be able to identify your passion and interest. When you have done that it is time to know how to follow them so well that they give you fulfillment and returns. Sometimes when you are following your passion you may get tired of people around you telling you that 'it is never going to work'. But little do they know, you are doing this thing because you love it, not because you want to 'make it work'. Of course, when you will keep following your heart's desire tirelessly

Finding your passion shouldn't be hard

People talk about always following your passion and doing what you are good at. When you will follow your passion you will be able to achieve great things and be someone in the world. You will also be extremely happy and be able to enjoy life. As someone who has started following his passion, I can say that this statement is true. You begin to enjoy life when you are following your passion. But, the question which haunts a large number of people is, 'what is my passion?' Most of the people in the world are confused and cannot properly identify their passion, their burning desire, their inner voice. And when you are not able to do that then you drift around confused and you waste a lot of time in following your 'confusions' rather than your passions. Then, one must ask, what is the solution to this problem? How can one identify their passions correctly? Here is a little list of things which you can do to identify your passion and what you love to do. Th