Finding your passion shouldn't be hard

People talk about always following your passion and doing what you are good at. When you will follow your passion you will be able to achieve great things and be someone in the world. You will also be extremely happy and be able to enjoy life. As someone who has started following his passion, I can say that this statement is true. You begin to enjoy life when you are following your passion.

But, the question which haunts a large number of people is, 'what is my passion?'
Most of the people in the world are confused and cannot properly identify their passion, their burning desire, their inner voice. And when you are not able to do that then you drift around confused and you waste a lot of time in following your 'confusions' rather than your passions.

Then, one must ask, what is the solution to this problem? How can one identify their passions correctly?

Here is a little list of things which you can do to identify your passion and what you love to do. This list is not absolute and you may try many more things but it will definitely give you a starting point:

1. Try doing everything which you want to do.
This one is really simple but difficult to implement. However, with the help of social media you can very easily create content doing what you love to do and post it online. When you will receive reactions and engagements from people you will know what you can do best. This will take time but it is 100% worth it.

2. Eliminate regret. 
Imagine, you are 80+ year old and are sitting at your home/retirement home and you are just thinking about your whole life. How do you want your life to be so that you have no regrets at that point in your life? Because that is the point of no return. When you are old, you can't do anything great and you just wait for the end. This is the harsh truth of life. Life is short and you must make it so you don't have any regrets when you leave this world. Regret is one of the strongest emotions in the universe. Make sure you don't have to feel it very hard.

That's all the two steps I can give you right now. These steps will set you up on a starting path to identify your passions. Once you have identified them following them is another big thing to do. How to follow your passion and make sure it pays off in the end? That is a topic for another time. Stay connected with us to read more articles like this one.

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