How to follow your passion...when you have found what it is

A few days ago we made a post about finding your passion. That post answered the question, 'What is my passion?'. We tried our best to give you two very important points on how you can identify what your passion really is. You may love to do many things but your passion and inner desire is something which you love the most. If you haven't read that post already you can read it here: and hopefully you will be able to identify your passion and interest. When you have done that it is time to know how to follow them so well that they give you fulfillment and returns.

Sometimes when you are following your passion you may get tired of people around you telling you that 'it is never going to work'. But little do they know, you are doing this thing because you love it, not because you want to 'make it work'. Of course, when you will keep following your heart's desire tirelessly it will start to 'work'. And by starting to work I mean it will start giving you recognition and/or monetary returns. But it will take time.

In today's world following your passion is easier than ever. Whatever you are doing you can post it online and reach a large number of people. If you keep doing it regularly then you will notice that you have amassed a small following of people who like your content. Your content maybe anything. Always lean into your strengths. For example, suppose you are a musician. You can record your songs/music and post them on your own website. From your website you can link them on all the social media platforms. People will see your links and if they will be interested they will follow it and listen to your music. For music it is great if you can include a small preview in your social media posts. Now, you put some advertisements on your own website and when people will start visiting it you will start making some money. This money will be fairly small in the beginning but hey, its something. This is just an example. Suppose your passion is riding motorbikes. You can film yourself riding motorbikes and post the video on Youtube. You can also give reviews and technical talks on motorbikes and their maintenance. Post these on Youtube in video form or on your blog/website in written form. You can think of how to share your passion with the world in any other way too.

No matter what your passion is you must always get a website! Don't ignore this little advice. The social media platforms are just to increase your reach. Your website is your real home. This is where all your content lives. This is the place people will drop by if they want to get in touch with you. So, get a website. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is via Get one of their premium subscriptions and design your website with ease. Do not confuse Wordpress with Wordpress is an open source software which you can install in your server and set up your website and on the other hand is a service which does all that for you and they keep your website secure and running.

After getting a website you must make accounts on as many social media platforms as you can manage. Keep sharing your content regularly. Once, twice, thrice a day! Be consistent in doing that. Do not fear and do not think that you are bothering the people by posting so much. You are not. Keep posting and posting and your content will definitely catch some people's attention and they will look at it. This way you are following your hobbies/passion and also getting recognized by the world.

One thing which many people think is that, 'This famous guy already does this, no one will look at my content'. If you are thinking like this then you must stop this thinking forever. You are following your passion because you love it. You don't give a damn about the world and who is famous and who will consume your content. You just love making it and sharing it. You enjoy doing it and that is why you are doing it. Never mix up strategies and business logic and mathematics into your passion. Just plunge yourself completely in it and be absorbed. You will start to love life. Do not listen to haters online, listen to critical and positive feedback and don't dwell on how some people are doing it better than you. It is not about the story, but who tells it. Your passion maybe similar to that of many people but when YOU tell it, it becomes unique. This thinking may take some time to manifest itself in your mind. In the meantime you must only focus on what you love to do. You do it because you love it.

Do not give up following your passion. See, following your passion should never be equated with business or earning a living. Of course you can earn a living by following your passion. Of course you can develop a business around your passion. But, it takes time. Get a proper day job. Get a job as lucrative as you possibly can and follow your passion on the side. You will get less time for recreation like this. But remember, your passion is your recreation. You do it because you love it. Of course you must always take out time for leisure activities. This is very important. But, you must always take out some time for following your passion and slowly building a name on the internet and social media. If you are successful in building a good name all around the internet (which may take many years) then it will be very easy for you to turn your passion into a good source of income. But hey, even if you cannot do that its okay. Remember your love for your art. It is all about being happy and seeking happiness.

I hope his article helped you in some way. Thank you for reading.

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