Life- A bus journey

Life is like a bus.

You can either be a passenger or a driver.
If you're a driver, someone will take a ride in your bus. But if the bus you're driving is not going in the same direction as they want, they'll get down at the next stop. Perfectly fine. But you shouldn't change the direction of your bus just due to that one passenger who wants to take the bus in the other direction. You'll find other passengers who will go in the same direction as you're going and they'll reach the destination with you.
If you're a passenger and you stepped in a bus but it's not going in the right direction, you should know how to get down at the next stop. If you don't, the bus will take you in whatever direction it'll be taking and you'll be lost in the end.
Luckily if you find a bus that's compatible with your direction, you can go on and reach the destination with it. Otherwise simply change the bus.

So, it doesn't matter if you're a driver or passenger, you should know which passenger is worthy of having a ride in your bus (if you're a driver) or you should know how to change the bus not meant for you (if you're a passenger). It's perfectly fine if you have boarded the wrong bus in the past. It's okay if you had a wrong passenger in your bus.
Learn from your past. Make your choices wisely. Find the right bus or passenger meant for you.


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