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How not to get exploited | The nice girl and the nice guy

We all have come across people in our lives who we can call a 'nice girl' or a 'nice guy'. Their defining feature is their good nature and kindness towards others. They are selfless individuals who will go to extreme lengths in order to help their friends and acquaintances. They generally mix well with others. Image by papagnoc from Pixabay One more defining feature of a 'nice girl' or a 'nice guy' is that they get exploited by some of their own friends and acquaintances. You will come across numerous examples where you would have seen a nice person in an abusive relationship. You may also have seen some people exploiting others blatantly and the one getting exploited turns a blind eye to it. They just genuinely want to help the other person out even if they know that they are openly taking advantage of them. Do we really deserve such people? Both the exploiters and the nice people. This kind of parasitic relationship and friendships are all

Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts

We all have met people who are extremely shy and people who are extremely outgoing and confident. We may also have met people who are in between. They have good social skills but they are moderately reserved too. Well, we may already know that we already have classifications for people based on their social behavior. There are three types of people under this classification: Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts. There may be all types of people in a group. Image by  Free-Photos  from  Pixabay   Introverts are people who are extremely reserved. They don't like company of people. They like spending time alone and they never want to bother people too much. They enjoy their own company. However, this behavior must not be associated with the fact that they dislike human beings altogether. No, they like human contact just moderately and when they need it. This is a rather selfish outlook towards life and social environment but this is just how they are. This behavior is built i