How to manage your time and passion

Passion is something which you absolutely love to do. You love indulging yourself in your hobbies and that becomes your passion. However, not everyone can start making money from their passion right from the start. I will even go ahead and say that nobody is able to do that when they are first starting out. So, we all have to get proper day jobs in order to support ourselves. Sometimes, people's jobs can be their passion too! If you are employed in a job where you are performing an activity which is your passion anyway then you do not need to read this article any further. If this is not the case then please read on and let us discuss how we can spend time regularly on our passion while still being able to manage our day jobs and school/college life.

One thing you should realize is that you absolutely must have a creative outlet in your life. That creative outlet is your passion and hobby. It could be anything. It could be taking photos, making art, writing stories, riding bike, playing football, tennis, cricket, baseball etc. It could be really anything productive! But in order to these activities properly and in a way that is satisfies us takes time. In this busy world we cannot afford to spend time on 'unproductive' activities. We think that following hobbies is unproductive and it is just a leisure activity. Let me tell you. It is not just a leisure activity. Your hobby and passion is what you are. It defines you. Your job designation may change, but your passion most likely will not. So, it is very very important for us to take out time to follow our hobbies.

Now, how do we follow our hobbies when we have 9 to 5 regular jobs or schools or colleges? There are some hobbies which you can follow in the interstices of your life. And there are some hobbies which you can follow during weekends. Here I am going to tell you how to be regular with your hobbies.

Now, the hobbies which can be followed in interstices (spaces) in your life are photography, podcasting, writing, etc. What are interstices? They are short spaces of free time in your office or school/college . Suppose you are in office. It is lunch break. Hey, bust out your phone and take some pictures of your surroundings. Bust out your laptop and write a blog post or advance that story you are writing. Bust out your phone and record that podcast!! If your hobby can be followed in interstices (little spaces of free time in your life) then you should do exactly that!

Now, there are some hobbies which cannot be followed in the interstices of your life. These hobbies require a lot of time and attention. Some examples are, drawing, riding bike, playing sports, etc. So, how do we follow such hobbies? Easy, follow them during your holidays and weekends. But then, rest of the days you are not following them. You are not regularly attached to them? But you absolutely WANT to be regularly attached to your hobbies. How do you follow these types of hobbies regularly? Well, the answer to that is also simple. Audio logs!!

When you are following a hobby which cannot be followed in the interstices of your life then you can make short podcasts during weekdays on your experience of following your hobbies in the weekends!! How you hit that ball that was almost going to fall. How you discovered a new painting software. How you discovered a new strategy in chess (By the way chess can be followed in interstices. Download any free mobile chess app).

Podcasts and audio recordings of your journey of following your hobbies in the weekends will give you a creative outlet and will also allow you to stay attached to your hobbies while managing your job and school/college at the same time!

Well, these were the tips I was trying to give you. If you think I missed out on something or you think that I wrote something wrong then please post a comment below. I hope that this article will help you follow your hobby a little more regularly. :)

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you in some way. If you think it will help someone else too then please share it to them.

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