Replace your day job with your passion

Most passions and hobbies don't start making money right away especially if your are doing them on the side. I was going to write something about passions that do start making you money but halfway through my sentence I realized that all passions and hobbies make you money. You just have to be able to market them properly. If you are doing a regular day job then you may need to follow your passion on the side. And when you do that it will take you some time to build something around your passion from thin air. It is possible, it just takes time. Suppose you are in a job which is your passion itself then you need not read this article any further.

One definitive way to know when you can quit your job and follow your passion full time is compare the revenue from both sources. If your passion is earning you more money than your job then it may be time to quit the job. However, I will ask that you wait for your passion to start earning you double the money that your job makes. This way you will not have any hesitation in leaving your job. And when you will start following your passion full time then it may start making you more money. Before leaving your job you must also ensure that the market is stable enough so that you can have a continuous stream of income. This maybe a little hard to predict and that is why you must wait for your passion to start making you double the money that your job makes.

If you are just starting out you will have to spend many many years before your passion or hobby starts making you any money at all let alone as much money as your day job makes. This is why you must stick with your day job and follow your passion on the side. Use the formula mentioned above when your hobby or passion starts making you a substantial income. You can also use some money you earn from your day job in your passion and hobby and make it even more high quality.

When you have a day job and are following your passion on the side then you must always strive for following your passion or hobbies sustain-ably. This means that the expense that your passion or hobby is incurring should never be more than 5 to 10 percent of your total income. It could even be less but never more. Always be careful when you are using the money you earn from your job into your passion. And let me add one small bit of information here, your family is more important than your passion. First save enough money for them and their future every month and then spend on your passion or hobby. If you don't want to pay attention to your family and save money for them then don't get a family.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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