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Prioritizing yourself over others is important

You should be your top priority. We also mean that your time should be spent more for yourself and your development than for others. Sure, you can take care of family members when they are sick or they are in some trouble. Sure, you can help out a friend in times of need. However, you should limit your helpful acts. You should not live your entire life for someone else's sake no matter how much manipulative they are. There are many people in the world who will try to use you for their own good and give you the shorter end of the stick. Or maybe give you no stick at all. They are master manipulators and will make you feel bad for not helping them. You must stay wary of these types of people and get as far away from them as possible. The biggest damage that they will do to you is take away your time. We all have a limited time on this planet and it is passing every second. Even while I am typing out this article, time is passing for you and me and for everyone else. Every second we …

How to get a website for your personal brand

If you are trying to build a personal brand online then it is very important that you have a website. In this article we are going to talk about the necessary steps that you will have to take in order to get a website for your personal brand as inexpensively as possible.

1. You will need a domain name. And this domain name should be either or or or Basically, for a personal brand the domain name should be your own name and then a good sounding word after the dot (which is also called a top level domain). The most popular TLD (top level domain) is .com. If you can get .com then get it fast and run with it. If you can't get a .com then next best thing is .net. After that .cc. You can also get .org but .org will send a message to your visitors that you are an organization rather than a single person. You can also use the TLD for your country. For example, you can use .uk,, .in, .jp etc. Pick the country TLDs after .com, .net …

How to choose a microphone for recording podcasts or talking head videos

When you are recording a talking head video with only you present in the camera frame and only you are the person talking there isn't a lot of fancy equipment that is needed for this. However, you must choose your equipment wisely before making any purchasing decisions. In this article we are going to give a very brief insight about microphones and which one you should choose depending on your budget.

Most in built microphones in laptops or webcams are just not very good. We have even tried high budget and branded webcams and still could not find a webcam with a good enough in built microphone. In podcasts or talking head videos you can compromise with the quality of your video but you should never compromise with the quality of your audio. So, our recommendation here would be to purchase a separate microphone for recording your audio.

Now, you have many choices here. You can go for very expensive microphones and their quality is phenomenal. They are the best of the best when it co…

Doing meaningful work

Contrary to popular opinion, the meaning of 'meaningful' work is different for different people. The meaning of meaningful work is very subjective. We might think that work like growing food, STEM work or work done in any of the heavy industries is the only work that is meaningful and rest of the things are dispensable and are not very meaningful. Sure, they may not be 'essential' for sustaining life but they are meaningful nonetheless.

As we wrote earlier the meaning of 'meaningful work' is different for different people. A child may find building sand castles and sand cities meaningful while an adult may not. An adult finds doing his or her paperwork very meaningful but a child may not consider it so. Similarly, all adults also have different subjective opinions of what is meaningful and what is not. Sometimes we get confused in deciding what is actually meaningful and important so we turn to the collective opinion of the society. The society says that STEM a…

How to get comfortable in front of a camera

Here we are telling you one way in which you can get comfortable in front of a camera. Did you ever want to record yourself in a video talking about the things you love but you were unable to because you are too uncomfortable while being recorded by a camera? Even though it is your own webcam kept in your room? We will tell you exactly how you can do away with this fear of cameras and slowly get better and better and record yourself and share your thoughts with the world in video format.

Twitch streaming. Yes, you read that right. Try twitch streaming for sometime and you will get confident in front of a camera or webcam.

Go to , make an account and then download OBS in your computer. You can find OBS here:

You can use OBS to record your game as well as your webcam at the same time and stream it all to Twitch. Remember, streaming it to Twitch live is extremely important!!

Next you will have to get your streaming key from twitch. Once yo…

Knowing your calling is the best gift to you

When you know what you really want to do in your life then that knowledge is one of the best gifts you can ever receive. This is because clear and concise knowledge of your life goals give you direction, purpose and mission. It makes your life meaningful. Jordan Peterson says that life is suffering and he is right because we all face hardships in life. Some people face more hardships than others. Having an ultimate goal in life makes all those hardships bearable. Other than that, it also gives you something to live for, something you can be known for in the world and something which fulfills you from inside. That is a really big gift!

Jeff Bezos said once, "You can have a job, a career or a calling. And the best thing is to have a calling." Certainly this is true. When you don't know your goal then you just drift around in life and you reach nowhere. But when you know your goal and you can figuratively 'see' it then you can make an action plan which you can follo…

The power of belief in achieving your goals

Napoleon Hill said 'Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." This seems like such a hopeful statement. It, however, is not so hopeful. Actually it's telling you how you can achieve your dreams. Sure, you can conceive them in your mind. Thinking about your dreams and passions is easy. But the hard part is believing in them. Can you believe in your dreams hard enough?

Believing in your passions and dreams does not come easily to many people.
Oh, you want be a skier and skiing instructor? The whole society and even your family starts judging you and bullying you into not being a skier but being an engineer, or a doctor, or a lawyer. Your family does this with good intentions but you must firmly yet politely tell them that being a lawyer is not what you want to do. Sure, it would get you money (If you are good. If you are not a good lawyer you won't get any money either) but you won't be happy doing that. Being sad and miserable for 80 years …

Staying true to yourself is important

Many times in life we do things to impress others. These others maybe your parents, your siblings, your friends or just general people in your society whom you haven't even met. We are also very afraid of judgement from these same people and to escape that we do things to impress them and the world. This is how we can feel safe from judgement and also have a sense of accomplishment.

I am talking about our career and life goals. We tend to orient them around people around us and not around what we actually want to do and who we actually are. A lady who is born an artist starts shooting for government exams and jobs. She does this not because she wants to, but because her parents told her to do so. A man born a football star strives to be in the medical field to be a doctor. He does this not because he wants to but because his family is full of doctors and no one really goes for sports. This is how we kill people from inside. By doing this the person will never be truly happy and fu…