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Contrary to popular opinion, the meaning of 'meaningful' work is different for different people. The meaning of meaningful work is very subjective. We might think that work like growing food, STEM work or work done in any of the heavy industries is the only work that is meaningful and rest of the things are dispensable and are not very meaningful. Sure, they may not be 'essential' for sustaining life but they are meaningful nonetheless.

Do not look into the dictionary to find out what is the meaning of meaningful. That meaning comes from inside you. Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

As we wrote earlier the meaning of 'meaningful work' is different for different people. A child may find building sand castles and sand cities meaningful while an adult may not. An adult finds doing his or her paperwork very meaningful but a child may not consider it so. Similarly, all adults also have different subjective opinions of what is meaningful and what is not. Sometimes we get confused in deciding what is actually meaningful and important so we turn to the collective opinion of the society. The society says that STEM and all the heavy industries are the only institutions in the world that are meaningful so we take their word for it and shape our opinion accordingly. However, we would like to rewrite what we wrote earlier, the meaning of 'meaningful work' is subjective. Something which may have no meaning at all for someone may have tremendous meaning for you.

Now, this kind of thing cannot be explicitly put down in words. When you find some work to be meaningful the feeling of meaningfulness comes from inside you. You may find creating music very meaningful but others may find it trivial. You may find playing sports extremely meaningful while others may just call it kicking around a ball. You may find art and design very meaningful but others may find them to be very wasteful and trivial. Remember again, meaningfulness is extremely subjective. Do not listen to other people's opinions about what you should consider to be meaningful and what you should not consider to be meaningful. The meaningfulness comes from within you, not outside you.

And now, a very important quote from Dr. Jordan Peterson, "Doing what you find to be meaningful is not a luxury, it's a moral obligation." If you were born to make art, make it. If you were born to invent new and delicious dishes, invent them. If you were born to write poetry, write it. If you were born to work in the STEM field, do it. Whatever you find to be meaningful ought to be done by you. That is why you are here. Other's may not find what you are doing to be very meaningful and their opinion does not matter. Only thing that matters is whether you find it to be meaningful or not.

Maybe it is a divine concept, maybe it is biological, maybe it is hereditary, we do not know. But you should always listen to your inner voice which will tell you what you find to be meaningful and then do it. This is also what your passion and life goal is. We have talked in length about how to manage a regular job and your hobbies and passion. Read our other articles to get an idea. Visit the home page of our blog here and start reading:

 Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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