How to choose a microphone for recording podcasts or talking head videos

When you are recording a talking head video with only you present in the camera frame and only you are the person talking there isn't a lot of fancy equipment that is needed for this. However, you must choose your equipment wisely before making any purchasing decisions. In this article we are going to give a very brief insight about microphones and which one you should choose depending on your budget.

You can go for low budget mics and comfortably record and publish podcasts or talking head videos. Image by freestocks-photos by Pixabay

Most in built microphones in laptops or webcams are just not very good. We have even tried high budget and branded webcams and still could not find a webcam with a good enough in built microphone. In podcasts or talking head videos you can compromise with the quality of your video but you should never compromise with the quality of your audio. So, our recommendation here would be to purchase a separate microphone for recording your audio.

Now, you have many choices here. You can go for very expensive microphones and their quality is phenomenal. They are the best of the best when it comes to microphones. However, for recording podcasts and talking head videos you can even go for $5 lapel lavaliere microphones or even microphones which are attached to gaming headsets. We have tried both of them and found them to be really good for out purpose. Mostly we record from our bedroom and we really don't need a lot of fancy equipment. The sound quality, however, is good enough and the voice is really clear and totally fit for the purpose.

In conclusion, when you are recording podcasts or videos of yourself talking to a camera, you must go for a separate microphone and not depend on inbuilt microphones in webcams or laptops. If your budget allows you can go for high end and expensive microphones in the market, but if not, then you can go for $5 lavaliere mics or gaming headset mics.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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