How to get comfortable in front of a camera

Here we are telling you one way in which you can get comfortable in front of a camera. Did you ever want to record yourself in a video talking about the things you love but you were unable to because you are too uncomfortable while being recorded by a camera? Even though it is your own webcam kept in your room? We will tell you exactly how you can do away with this fear of cameras and slowly get better and better and record yourself and share your thoughts with the world in video format.

Get comfortable in front of a camera and then start making videos talking about things you love! Be a thought leader in your niche. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Twitch streaming. Yes, you read that right. Try twitch streaming for sometime and you will get confident in front of a camera or webcam.

Go to , make an account and then download OBS in your computer. You can find OBS here:

You can use OBS to record your game as well as your webcam at the same time and stream it all to Twitch. Remember, streaming it to Twitch live is extremely important!!

Next you will have to get your streaming key from twitch. Once you make an account you can get your streaming key from here:

After this you will have to set up OBS so that you can do the live streaming to Twitch. You can find that information in this video series:

Set up your webcam's feed in a small box at the bottom right or bottom left of the stream. This way people can see the game as well as your face. And that's exactly what our aim is. To show your face live to the internet so that you can build confidence.

Lastly, you will have to choose a game to stream. You can find many free games on the Windows Store (If you are using Windows). If you are using Linux you can just fire up chess or maybe solitaire which you may easily find online. I have no idea how you will find a free game on Mac. Maybe you should check out the Apple store?

When you have decided the game you want to play then start streaming live! At first not many people will watch your stream. Heck, not even a single person may will get more confidence in facing a camera. Keep talking as you are playing the game and streaming live. You can also play the game and talk about something else! Remember, this is nothing serious, this is just live practice for you to build confidence.

When you would have done it a few times then you will slowly begin to get more and more comfortable in front of a camera (mainly your webcam) and then slowly you can one day record a talking head video and talk about your favorite topics and upload it on Youtube!

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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