How to get a website for your personal brand

If you are trying to build a personal brand online then it is very important that you have a website. In this article we are going to talk about the necessary steps that you will have to take in order to get a website for your personal brand as inexpensively as possible.

A website is like your home on the internet. People will visit it to meet you. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

1. You will need a domain name. And this domain name should be either or or or Basically, for a personal brand the domain name should be your own name and then a good sounding word after the dot (which is also called a top level domain). The most popular TLD (top level domain) is .com. If you can get .com then get it fast and run with it. If you can't get a .com then next best thing is .net. After that .cc. You can also get .org but .org will send a message to your visitors that you are an organization rather than a single person. You can also use the TLD for your country. For example, you can use .uk,, .in, .jp etc. Pick the country TLDs after .com, .net or .cc are not available. You can also put a dash (-) between your first name and last name to get an otherwise unavailable TLD. We will advice not to put numbers in your domain name.

We would also like to tell you where you should get your domain name from. We recommend you get your domain name from either Google Domains or Amazon Route 53. These two companies have the best services and the best nameservers. Not many domain registrars will tell you about nameservers because most of them have really bad ones. Nameservers matter a lot so don't cut down on it. Generally the numerous other registrars that you may see on the internet who are offering domains for dirt cheap prices are going to pull dirty tricks on you after one year. Take our word for it. It happened to us too. And if you don't have a lot of knowledge about internet or IT then you will be at their mercy and will generally have to pay a lot of fees to continue using your domain name. We highly recommend getting your domain on Google Domains if you are not from an IT background. If you are from an IT background then you may get them from Amazon Route 53 but be aware they require quite a setup before you can use your domain names. Google Domains has a very user friendly interface which anyone can use.

2. You need a website. Now this may sound very complicated to you if you are not from an IT background. However, we will break it down to you so that you can comfortably get your own hosting space and for as inexpensively as possible.

(a) You can get a blogger blog like this one if you are just starting out. We have mapped our domain to this blogger blog. You can make a blogger blog for free and then map your domain to it. In fact, if you purchase your domain name on Google Domains then they have an automatic tool that maps your domain name to a blogger blog. Note that you won't be able to host files on your blogger blog. If you want to host files you will have to get a wordpress website/blog. Read on below to know how.

(b) You can get a blog. You will just have to go to and then sign up and create your blog. However, if you want to use your domain name then you will have to buy one of their paid plans. Their paid plans are not very expensive and are absolutely worth it. If you are not from an IT background then blogs and sites are the easiest and best way to get a website. You can go for their Personal or Premium plan. Their business plan is kind of overkill for a personal brand. We say you go for the Premium plan if you have started to gain some momentum and have a sizable audience and Personal plan if you are just starting out.

(c) There is a third option which is hiring a web developer. The web developer will be able to buy and map a domain for you as well as make a website according to your wish. However, this may be a very expensive option. But hey, if you are really serious about this, then why not?

So, these are the some ways in which you can get a domain name and a website and start building your online presence. A website is like your home on the internet. If people want to connect with you on the internet they will first go to your home (website).

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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